KSL 2013 Champions  : MacroHeart FC 

        KSL 2013 Runners-up : Chempada Tigers FC

Soocer Fixtures & Results


Match Day VI [Nov 10th]:


M #12: There was no dearth of commitment and spirit in this final game of the season with Chempada Tigers resisting a brave fight from Chempada Stars to win the game 3-2. (HT 1-0).

Scorers [Chempada Tigers]: Pramod(15'), Joe (50', 78'')

Scorers [Chempada Stars]: Manjith (75'), Santhosh (80')


M #11: Macroheart won the inaugural  Kerala Soccer League Title in emphatic fashion defeating the hard working Chekavers 4-1 in their final league game of the season (HT 1-1).

Scorers [Macroheart]: Sunny(37', P- 42'), Manuf (60'), Shane (65')

Scorers [Chekavers]: Renjith (40')


Match Day V [Nov 3rd]:


M #10: Macroheart looked  all set to wrap up the League leading 2-0 going to the last 30 minutes, but Chempada Stars came back to force a 2-2 draw and keep the league alive till the final day. (HT 1-0).

Scorers [Macroheart]: Arun (OG-12'), Devon (42')

Scorers [Chempada Tigers]: Rickson (50'), Jaggy (66')


M #9: Though Chempada Stars took a handsome lead in the first period of the game, Chekavers finally rose up to the expectatations to win this high-scoring game 7-5 (HT 4-3).

Scorers [Chekavers]: Renjith (17', 22'), Prabhu (28'), Najiv ( 35'), Anoop (P- 42', 68'), Paul (OG- 75')

Scorers [Chempada Stars]: Manjith (2'), Santhosh (10', 50'), Anoop (OG - 15'), Bennie (P-65')


Match Day IV [Oct 27th]:


M #8: Macroheart's strength and youth finally came to full force with a significant victory over pace-setters Chempada Stars by 4-2 (HT 2-0).

Scorers [Macroheart]: Sunny (20', 70'), Vishnu (P-35'), Manu (75')

Scorers [Chempada Stars]: Santhosh (P-50'), Nikky (79')


M #7: Chempada Tigers resisted a much-improved display by Chekavers by winning 4-0 (HT 10-0).

Scorers [Chempada Tigers]: Arun (P-30'), Joe (60',67'), Praveen (78')


Match Day III [Oct 13th]:

M #6: Kerala League's surprise package Chempada Stars pulled off another major coup beating the strong Chekavers team 7-4 in the goal-fest at Hartman (HT 3-2).

Scorers [Chempada Stars]: Manjith (12', 20', 65'), Joby (30'), Bennie (60', 75'), Kaushik (73')

Scorers [Chekavers]: Renjith (8', 36', 78'), Vidya (76') 


M #5: Macro Heart continued their fine resurgence to beat the powerful Chempada Tigers 4-1 in this all second-half action match (HT 0-0).

Scorers [Macroheart]: Jay (59'), Manu (65', 70', 78')

Scorers [Chempada Tigers]: Joe (55')



Match Day II [Oct 4th]:


M #4: Chekavers were caught off-guard by the pace and movement of Macro Heart's new look frontline and Macroheart won handsomely by 6-0 (HT 4-0).

Scorers [Macroheart]: Jay (2', 77'), Mahesh (8'),Maju (OG-14'), Dinesh (16'),Prakash (OG-74')


M #3: Pre-tournament favorites Chempada Tigers dug on resourcefully against a ferocious second half-display by fellow compadres Chempada Stars to tie the game 2-2 with a last gasp goal (HT 1-0).

Scorers [Chempada Tigers]: Pramoth (38'), Arun (79')

Scorers [Chempada Stars]: Nikky (70'), Adharsh (78')



Match Day I [Sep 22nd]:


M #2: Chekavers led twice in this absorbing game, but Chempada Tigers ran riot in the second half to win the game 6-2 (HT 1-1).

Scorers [Chempada Tigers]: Joe (25', 50' , 55'), Gijo (47'), Jagy (68'), Ratnesh (75')

Scorers [Chekavers]: Anoop (2'), Prabhu (45')


M #1: Chempada Stars kicked off the inaugural Soccer League Game of Kerala Sports Club of Seattle defeating Macro Heart, who were hampered by absence of key players by 5-0 (HT 2-0).

Scorers [Chempada Stars]: Adharsh (25', 42'), Nikky (35', 48'), Joby (60')


Pre-Tournament Rankings:


1) Chempada Tigers     2) Chekavers      3) Macroheart     4) Chempada Stars

Kerala Soccer Coordinators:  Santhosh Moolayil   Pramoth Ramakrishnan  Maju Kuruvilla    Boney Mathew   Ojus John

KSL Chief Referee: Nicholas Shetye